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LOOK: Journalist says that controversial dengue vaccine is severely overpriced

Veteran newscaster, and talk show host Jay Sonza claimed that the price of the controversial dengue vaccine that was bought during the administration of former President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino as extremely overprice.

Sonza stated that the real price of the vaccine was just a little more than nine pesos pero dose however, Dengvaxia, the name of the controversial vaccine, cost as estimated one thousand pesos per dose.

He express his dismay, and the alleged original value of the vaccine in a Facebook post in his social media account.

The Journalist seems to have implied that corruption and plunder must have occurred because that may be the only explanation why the prices were so far from what is allegedly the real price.

Dengvaxia is the drug that is the center of one of the newest case that highlights the blunders of the former administration. Here an estimated one million filipino children were subjected to drugs that may have unsafe and could possibly worsen the chances of Filipino youth to ward of dengue.

According to Sonza, the said overpricing of the drug is another important issue that should be considered in the case it may show the real reasons why such a problematic was rolled out by the government.

Here is the full text of hist Facebook post:

“Ang tunay na halaga ng dengue vaccine ay P9.20 per dose. Ang bili ng Aquino administration sa Dengvaxia ay P1,000.00 per dose. Kayo na ang bahalang magkuwenta kung magkano ang kinita o overprice o nalugi ng taong bayan.

Ito at maliban pa sa panganib sa buhay ng halos isang milyong kabataan.”

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